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June 21, 2023

Professional Services

We have a proven track record in helping professional business services to grow their websites - benefitting from our wealth of technical expertise and content experience. No matter what niche is the business, the Visibility SEO team is here to help businesses grow professionally through organic search.


When we embarked on the D&A Media project, they faced significant challenges such as poor ranking results, low traffic, invisibility in SERPs despite being an established business, and numerous on-site issues including duplicate content. However, we were steadfast in our mission to propel this business’s website to the top of Google SERPs.


To tackle these challenges head-on, we devised and implemented a proven SEO strategy. Once our modifications were put into action, we witnessed remarkable progress. The rankings skyrocketed, and website traffic experienced a substantial surge.
DA Media Results
53 - % Increased Rankings
37 - % Increased Traffic
10 - % More Conversions


After investing 2 months of unwavering effort, we are delighted to unveil the excellent outcomes we have achieved. Our approach has yielded outstanding results, showcasing significant growth and establishing D&A Media as an industry leader.
37% Increased Traffic
10% More Conversions
53% Increase in Rankings

From The Client

The process and approach from the team at Visibility SEO has been clear, concise and logical - we are already seeing increased traffic on our site and the trend on all metrics are on an upward trajectory - great team, great knowledge and immediate results!
Michael Green
Brentwood Radios
DC Flooring
Karie Kaufmann
Peter Boolkah