Karie Kaufmann

Karie Kaufmann

December 01, 2022

Professional Services

We have a proven track record in helping professional business services to grow their websites - benefitting from our wealth of technical expertise and content experience. No matter what niche is the business, the Visibility SEO team is here to help businesses grow professionally through organic search.


This client's website was full of on-site errors and issues. We put ourselves on a mission to fix all on-site issues in the first two months and to increase the traffic.


We initiated the project by implementing a cutting-edge SEO strategy to optimize on-site performance. By the end of the second month, we successfully resolved all on-site issues, resulting in a notable 34% increase in website traffic.
Karie results
44 - % Increased Rankings
34 - % Increased Traffic
22 - % More Conversions


After investing seven months of dedicated effort, we are delighted to share the fantastic outcomes achieved:
34% Increased Traffic
22% More Conversions
44% Increase in Rankings

From The Client

I had no idea how many mistakes I was making that were actually hurting my website optimization. Now I have clarity around my metrics and can see constant measurable improvement in my website.
Karie Kaufmann
Business Coach
Brentwood Radios
DC Flooring
DA Media
Peter Boolkah