Peter Boolkah

Boolkah case study

December 01, 2022

Professional Services

We have a proven track record in helping professional business services to grow their websites - benefitting from our wealth of technical expertise and content experience. No matter what niche is the business, the Visibility SEO team is here to help businesses grow professionally through organic search.


When we started working on the Boolkah project the website’s performance was disappointing and was having a negative impact on the business. Frustrated with a lack of results and traffic something needed to change. We were determined to transform this business website into the unrivaled leader in the field of business coaching on Google SERP's.


To tackle this challenge head-on, we formulated and implemented our proven SEO strategy. Within just one month of diligent work, the magic unfolded as we witnessed tangible progress. The rankings soared, and website traffic experienced a consistent upward trajectory.
Peter Boolkah - Case Study
120 - % Increased Rankings
40 - % Increased Traffic
28 - % More Conversions


After investing seven months of hard work on this project, we are delighted to share the fantastic results achieved. Our approach has yielded remarkable outcomes, showcasing substantial growth and positioning Boolkah as a leader within the industry of business coaching.
361% Increased Traffic
28% More Conversions
1.200% Increase in Rankings

From The Client

For 6 Years I spent over £50,000 with no credible results. Finally I have metrics I understand, visible progress and a website with growing traffic. We have a clear plan each month which continues to grow the website.
Peter Boolkah
Business Coach
Brentwood Radios
DC Flooring
DA Media
Karie Kaufmann